essay GIFTS is a Proudly South African corporate gifting company with a unique business model that brings you a collection of handcrafted gifts to consider, each with its own story of empowerment. Buy from our range and you directly better the lives of our artists, most of whom have no other income. We draw from the best of South African creativity and skills for our range of products to best represent your brand.

Featured Products

  • Madiba Wall Hanging
  • PSA Hessian Shopper with Front Pocket
  • Motivational Coasters - Madiba
  • 6piece Tribal Figurine Set (Packaged)
  • Cheese Plate: Medium
  • Beaded: 4 Bead Wide Loom Lanyard
  • Pewter & Resin: Tie/Lapel Pin
  • Crushed Stone & Resin Trophy : IRF Awards - 2015
  • Genuine Leather Purse with Pewter Badge
Corporate Gifting - Essay Gifts

Wood & Leather

Three years ago Pardon stepped up and saved the day when his boss absconded while working on one of our biggest overseas orders. He borrowed some money, used it to take over production of the consignment and managed to deliver the gifts on time. To this day Pardon and his benefactor still work closely together to produce products for essay GIFTS. It's a rel ...