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  • Leather Purse
  • PSA Hessian Shopper with Front Pocket
  • iPad Folio: Padded Bag(waxfabric)
  • Sweetie Plate - Black & White Rhino Design
  • Hand Painted Ceramic: Ball Candle Set
  • Motivational Coasters - Madiba
  • Madiba Shirt
  • Akilanga Travel Wallet
  • Crushed Stone & Resin Trophy : IRF Awards - 2015
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Hand Painted Ceramics

Nettie was a full time employee, in 2000, for a candle manufacturing company in the Overberg area in the Western Cape. At that time the Department of Labour identified this specific area as one with a very high rate of unemployment. They then identified various skilled individuals in the area to train those who were unemployed, and so they selected Nettie.  She thought it would be an easy ...