essay GIFTS is a Proudly South African corporate gifting company with a unique business model that brings you a collection of handcrafted gifts to consider, each with its own story of empowerment. Buy from our range and you directly better the lives of our artists, most of whom have no other income. We draw from the best of South African creativity and skills for our range of products to best represent your brand.

Featured Products

  • Business Card & Pen Holder
  • Beaded: 2 Bead Wide Loom Lanyard
  • Crushed Stone & Resin Trophy : IRF Awards - 2015
  • Love Africa Coaster Set - Tribal
  • Akilanga Travel Wallet
  • Document Bag
  • Genuine Leather Wallet with Pewter Badge
  • Beaded: Single String Lanyard
  • Shwe-Shwe Lanyard:Name Badge Black Panama PU: (124mmx100mm)
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Fabric & beads

Elandsberg farm, in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, borders on tribal land where Zulus survive on subsistence farming, money sent home from migrant workers, government grants and pensions. Unemployment was close to 80% when they were moved to take action. The idea for a Crafting project was conceived in 1996, when they wanted to teach women who were already busy with chores ...