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When Karun lost his job in 1994, he refused to feel sorry for himself. Instead, he started up with three staff members in a factory that measure 30m2. Since then this jewel of South Africa has grown immensely - the company now provides work for 94 people and runs from a 3000m2 factory! Karun credits his success to hard work, great customer service and products of the highest quality. He admits that a great amount of self-discipline and many personal sacrifices are required, but says it is all worth it. It also helps that his staff has a great deal of respect for him, not only because Karun has enabled them to look after their families, but also because he is known as a caring employer. Karun acknowledges that there are times when it would have been easier and more profitable to just import products from China, but he believes that we need to stay committed to educating people in South Africa, and we have to continue buying locally manufactured products to create and sustain jobs. His peace of mind comes from the fact that their products are of the highest quality and last much longer than imported goods. Karun and his team proved once again that to only sell Proudly South African products in an industry with mostly imports will create a better future for all, while at the same time enabling us to deliver top quality products to our clients. We are proud to be associated with this astute businessman.
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